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Felix Unger (Hg.)

Health is Wealth:

Toward a European Lead Market

This report on the European Lead Market is based on a previous report entitled “Health is Wealth – Strategic Visions for European Health Care at the Beginning of the 21st Century”, which was prepared by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and delivered to the European Parliament in 2003. The specific focus of the report dealt with all forms of health care, with the patient being the primary center of interest. Three clusters, which may be described as medical arts, medical organization and medical financing, are identified to serve the patient. These three clusters are integral to the entire process of shaping a patient-oriented health care system. To provide all European patients with the most modern and effective medicine possible, several strategies must be adopted to tackle the national health systems. On a European level the national regulatory obstacles must be overcome. National health care today is dangerously provincial and therefore outdated.

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