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Miroslav Polzer, Silvo Devetak, Ludvik Toplak, Felix Unger, Maria Eder (Hg.)

Religion and European Integration

Religion as a Factor of Stability and Development in South Eastern Europe

The present publication is a collection of papers presented at the symposium “Religion and European Integration. Religions as a Factor of Stability and Development in South Eastern Europe” which has been convened in Maribor/Slovenia in October 2005. The main objective of the organisers of the symposium – who are at the same time also editors of the present publication – has been to contribute to the academic discourse on the role of religions and religious communities in social and economic processes and structures in general and especially with regard to European integration processes. Special attention has been devoted to the situation in countries of South Eastern Europe as this region on the one hand aims at full European integration and has on the other hand been confronted with intense inter-religious conflicts in the past. The book is structured in 5 sections: “The Role of Religions Today”, “Governance and Religious Communities”, “Inter-religious Dialogue”, “Science, Philosophy and Religion” and “Religious Communities and EU Integration Processes in South Eastern Europe. Country Reports”.

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