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Felix Unger (Hg.)

Health in the Regions

Cross Border Health Care: Harmonization in European Regions

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This book contains opportunities for adapting modern health care in the Regions of Europe and ensuring Health for All.


A. Basic considerations
Health in the Regions
1) Health is Wealth
2) Lead Market
3) Ranking of European Healthcare Systems
4) European Border Regions
5) Classification of the European Regions
6) The new “European Border Region (EBR)”
7) Demography
8) Example for Health Care: the Euregio Maas-Rhine

B. Considerations to enact Health in the Regions
9) Beneficiaries in the Euregion
10) Doctors and medical provision in the European Regions
11) Centres of Provision in the European Region
12) Market and Competitive Environment Diagnostics
13) Diagnostics
14) Metabolic Syndrome: - Diabetes and Obesity
15) Medical Communication in the Euroregions
16) Financing in the Euroregions
17) Medical Assessment
18) Classification
19) Risk Management

C. What to do and how to do it

20) Prerequisites for Establishing a Master Plan
21) Concept of a Regional Hospital

D. Obstacles to overcome

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